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Customer Reviews

Dryer & Carpet Cleaning Review 12 OCT 2016 | McKinney, TX

Joseph cleaned out dryer vent as well as our carpets and everything was perfect. Thanks again and see you next time.

Posted By: Luke Dixon

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 11 OCT 2016 | Frisco, TX

Thanks for getting the birds out of our dryer vent....again, haha

Posted by: Happy Tails

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Carpet Cleaning Review 17 Jul 2016 | The Colony TX

Joseph is very trustworthy and reliable, he help us through the process of moving out of a rental property. He came to the house on his own and did a fantastic job and still sent me pictures once he was done. I have saved his info for a next time and I will surely refer him to friends a family.

Posted By: Fran Melo

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Carpet Repair Review 8 Jul 2016 | The Colony, TX

Joseph was really fair and did such a great job on our carpet as we had to have them patched up and cleaned when we moved out of our rental. Would definitely recommend and use NTS Carpet Cleaning again!

Posted by: Taly Melo

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 04 Apr 2016 | Frisco, TX

 Joseph came out and cleaned out my dryer vent and did an excellent job. He was thorough, quick and informed me of what was going on during the process. Highly recommend!!!

Posted By: Micah J / Frisco Texas

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Carpet Cleaning Review 15 Jul 2015 | The Colony, TX

Joseph from NTS was really fair and did such a great job on our carpet as we had to have them patched up and cleaned when we moved out of our rental. Would definitely recommend and use NTS Carpet Cleaning again!

Posted By: Taly Melo

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Carpet Cleaning Review 25 Aug 2014 | Plano, TX

This is the best carpet cleaning experience I've ever had! They showed up 10 minutes early, didn't up sell and got my carpets exceptionally clean. I planned on replacing my teenager's carpet due to huge stains and this guy got 90% of them out- it doesn't get any better then that! I highly recommend this company.

Posted by: Carol S.

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Carpet Cleaning Review 09 Apr 2014 | Frisco, TX

My experience with n.t.s was very pleasant! They were extremely polite and knowledgeable. We were planning to have our carpeting replaced the following year but after the deep cleaning suggested by n.t.s my carpet looks great. Nts assured me my carpet had many years of life left! Thanks nts!

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Carpet Cleaning Review 16 Feb 2014 | McKinney, TX

Greg Doro 2/16/2014 NTS CLEANING , Wow!!! made my carpets look brand new , Tech Paul really explained what he was going to do ,how he would take care of the problem areas and he did made them even look new.

Posted by: Creg Doro

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Carpet Cleaning Review 6 Feb 2014 | Plano, TX

Top notch service. Great results. 
Did not up sell with pressure like Dalworth and other large similar companies that just want to pad the Bill. Highly recommend.

Posted By: Bill M.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 14 Jul 2013 | Frisco, TX

Had NTS out to clean our dryer vent and they did an excellent job. Joe made sure the job was done right and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend them.

Posted by: Craig S

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Carpet Cleaning Review 29 Jan 2013 | Frisco, TX

NTS did a great job on our carpets.  They were on time, very price competitive and didn't try to up sell on stuff we didn't need.  Very honest and would recommend them.

Posted by: Jason

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Carpet Cleaning Review 9 Aug 2012 | Frisco TX

When we started looking for someone to come clean and repair (read: excessive cat urine staining) our carpet, NTS came up top of the list. After working with Joseph and Paul, I can see why. Professional, knowledgeable, and personable... not only do our carpets looks like new, they smell like new too! The repairs were done expertly, and we can safely say that we're cat urine free again! A++ to their team.

Posted by: Damian R. Broccoli

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Carpet Cleaning Review 14 Jul 2012 | McKinney, TX

The service was great and they were very helpful! I got the cleanest carpets ever. They left the house smelling great, the carpet sparkling clean and all at an amazing price! They are definately the best in Frisco.

Posted By: Jennifer

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Carpet Cleaning Review 13 Jul 2012 | McKinney

The guys just got done with the carpets and they look AMAZING!!! They look just like the day we bought the house brand new. They were on time, polite and very thorough. We will absolutely use them again.

Posted By: Paul

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Carpet Cleaning Review 7 Jul 2012 | Dallas, TX

Paul did a great job! Carpet looks great like new.  Thanks guys!

Carpet Cleaning Review 7 Jul 2012 | Frisco, TX

Paul did a great job! Carpet looks great like new! Thanks guys!

Posted By: Peter L.

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Carpet Cleaning Review 29 Jun 2012 | Frisco, TX

NTS CLEANING, Wow!!! made my carpets look brand new, Tech Paul really explained what he was going to do, how he would take care of the problem areas and he did made them even look new.

Posted By: Greg Doro

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 28 Jun 2012 | Frisco, TX

Used NTS today for a dryer vent cleaning. Good, friendly, and thorough service with great results. Definitely recommend them and will have this done more timely from now on. Thanks!

Posted By: John Carnes

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Rug Cleaning Review 30 Mar 2012 | McKinney, TX

Excellent Service Advice! Rugs look good & great customer service.

Posted By: Tiffany

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Carpet Cleaning Review 31 Mar 2012 | Plano, TX

Excellent service! Really helped us out because power had been turned off. The process was fast and easy.

Posted By: Patricia

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Air Duct Cleaning Review 26 Mar 2012 | McKinney, TX

I was really impressed with the job that NTS did. I would use over and over, they are the best. Julieana

Posted By: Julieana
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Pet Treatment Review 01 Jan 2012 | Frisco, TX

I called these guys for one of my elderly patients, for a SERIOUS pet Odor/Stain situation! I could hardly stand the intense odor. I seriously thought she would have to get that carpet OUT of there and have the cement treated too. When the technician came in and said he'd have it looking as good as new, I gave him a "yeah, right", look. When we returned that evening, I couldn't believe that it was the same carpet! They did an outstanding job on the stains AND the smell! She was so pleased with the results that she had them do her kitchen and bath tile, as well as an air duct cleaning. Wow! What a huge difference. Her home looks and smells nice, and I can breathe easier!!!!!!! I am having them come out to do my home as well! I highly recommend them for a super job, WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Tootie
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Carpet Cleaning Review 25 Nov 2011 | Plano, TX

On Angie's List:

Description Of Work: Cleaned and treated all carpet in the house including both stair cases. Used Roto vac to deep clean and lift the carpet back into "like new" condition including treating for pets. Member Comments: I was very pleased with the overall experience. From booking the appointment, to meeting the technician to working with me on the estimate and doing the work as agreed upon it was a good experience. I have a large house ~5000sqft which was empty of furniture at the time so I felt that $299 was a fair price. I will use them again.

Posted By: Thomas Lubeskie 
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 03 Nov 2011 | The Colony, TX

Joe...You have an exceptional employee working for you (Paul). You should be very pleased with his customer service, knowledge and patience with all my questions. I'm convinced to never call KIWI again... Ever!! My carpet was horrible from chemicals and pet and dirt. (Embarrassing) now I know why it never really felt clean. I'm anxious to see the end project when it dries...Kudos to Paul! Thanks Joe and I shall send references.. :)

Posted By: Michelle Sullivan
The Colony, Texas

Carpet Stretching Review 27 Sep 2011 | The Colony, TX

Paul did an excellent job cleaning and stretching carpet, I'm so happy with the work. It took longer than what was originally planned, but still a nice job was done.

Posted By: Rachelle M. Hill
The Colony, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning Review 20 Aug 2011 | Dallas, TX

After using others in the past, I now have been using NTS for years and they are the only carpet company I have ever liked and completely TRUSTED. You might like the "green guys" (good mktg!) but you get what you pay for...different people, no deep clean, limited knowledge, and a dirty carpet faster. Owner Joseph and his small team of professionals (trained by him) take time to explain the differences and take the time to do it right. They don't nickel and dime you for 'extras' like I found others to do. They have invested in the best equipment (w/natural options avail) and the results show - and all for a good price! That's why (after 11 yrs in this house) I'm also using them for my first air and drier vent cleaning b/c I know it will be done right and I don't even have to be home. The pictures speak for themselves. Call for a quote, ask your questions, compare values and see the difference. I did!

Posted By: Tracey Toay
Dallas, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 20 Jul 2011 | The Colony, TX

I cannot thank NTS enough for their excellent service! I greatly appreciated Joseph's willingness to answer my carpet cleaning questions when scheduling my appointment. He took the time to explain procedures and to review all of the available options. Paul, who came to clean the carpets, was an absolute pleasure...very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. He showed a genuine interest in making sure our carpet cleaning needs were met and he did an absolutely fantastic job! I would highly recommend NTS and I look forward to using their services in the future!

Posted By: Michelle
The Colony, Texas

Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 06 May 2011 | Allen, TX

I had a bird nest in both my dryer vent and my bathroom exhaust fan vent. Dalworth wanted to charge me 350 to come out and then I called Joseph. He came to my home within one hour and not only removed the bird nest but also let me know my dryer vent also had a lint clog. Funny because I had a technician coming the very next day to fix my dryer. Joseph informed me the dryer was not venting properly which was causing me to have to cycle it twice or more. The entire experience was awesome and Joseph was very helpful and informative. Also very cost effective considering the dryer vent clog could of cost me a house fire. Awesome, Awesome..Thanks.

Posted By: Steven
Allen, Texas

Ozone Treatment Review 25 Jan 2011 | Frisco, TX

Awesome!! We just had our home Ozoned, if that's what you call it..haha. We had a bad curry cooking smell during our purchase of the home and the ozone machines removed all of it. I can't tell you how big of a deal this was to us. Thanks Joseph.

Posted By: Sara
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 11 Jan 2011 | Frisco, TX

I cannot tell you how pleasing this experience has been. We have been pushed on sales for so many years to the point of fighting with carpet cleaning companies the idea of getting them cleaned was a night mare. Paul was knew every question I asked him and was very very pleasing to deal with. He said you might want to think about getting your air ducts cleaned sometime because of ..... and that was that, nothing else said. My husband and I talked about it and two months later we called Joseph at Nature's Touch and set up an appointment. It was our choice and it was nice to finally have that ability. Thanks for everything.

Posted By: Jenifer
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 27 Sep 2010 | Plano, TX

Paul did a great job and After cleaning carpet very good. The price is very reasonable. We recomend and certainly be using Nature's Touch service in the future.

Posted By: Ravi
Plano, Texas

Ozone Generator Review 13 Aug 2010 | McKinney, TX

I wanted to say thank you for the ozone generator you dropped off. We used it on our car for a couple hours let it sit for a little and then ran it for a couple more hours. The smoke smell from the cigarettes was gone the next day. Awesome!! Thanks.

Posted By: Sara
McKinney, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 30 Aug 2010 | Plano, TX

I have used a lot of carpet cleaners before Nature's Touch. This has been my best experience with owning three little dogs! Great Service! On time, courteous and well worth the money. I have used them several times and will not try anyone else.

Posted By:  Laverne
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 26 Aug 2010 | Frisco, TX

Paul did a great job for us and the carpet hasn't looked so good in years. We'll certainly be contacting Nature's Touch in the future. 

Posted By: William
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Clceaning Review 26 Aug 2010 | Dallas, TX

Mr. Dollison, Paul was exceptionally professional and did the best possible job. The carpets look new and are beautifully clean, exactly what we hoped for. Sincerely, Martha Clayton.

Posted By: Martha Clayton
Dallas, Texas

Pet Treatment Review 31 Jul 2010 | Allen, TX

I went to the truck and the smell of the urine extracted was unbelievable. Paul did a fabulous job. He was extremely informative and friendly.

Posted By: Jeanne
Allen, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning Review 26 Jul 2010 | Frisco, TX

Paul did an outstanding job! He was very friendly, polite, and knowledgeable.

Posted By: Becky
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 02 Dec 2009 | Frisco, TX

OUTSTANDING!!! My carpets look like someone laid new carpet!! I had ground in dirt, red gatorade, make-up and it is all gone!! Joseph was very professional and I am so pleased with this company. His prices are unheard of!! Thank you!! We will definitely use Natures Touch again!! Stephanie

Posted By: Stephanie
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 12 Nov 2009 | Frisco, TX

Having Joseph clean our carpets for the first time I cannot give a higher recommendation. We had our carpets cleaned last summer by the 'big name' steamer company and were not pleased with either the bill or the results. Joseph's services exceeded all of my expectations; his professionalism, courtesy, patience and meticulousness set him far above his competitors. You get more than *twice* the cleaning and service for less than half the price of most carpet cleaning companies. Thanks again, Joseph! You've earned a repeat customer.

Posted By: A
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 11 Nov 2009 | Plano, TX

From start to finish Joseph did an outstanding job. Far and away the best carpet cleaning experience I've ever had. More than twice the results of other cleaning companies at less than half the price. He rejuvenated our carpet and removed stains I would have sworn were permanent. He specializes in non-toxic cleaners and prides himself on his professionalism, courtesy and customer service. He shines in all of these areas.

Posted By: Beverly Adkins
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 20 Jul 2009 | Frisco, TX

We used this company to do a move-out carpet cleaning. They did an amazing job; the carpets were cleaner than when we moved in. Plus, cleaned the entire house for less than other companies we got quotes from. The carpet dried quickly. The stairs were done to perfection. What I love about this company is that they didn't count the hallway as two different rooms when in an L-shape like Servpro, Dalworth..etc. We paid less than $270; where others wanted to charge $500 to $800. We will definitely use this company to clean the carpets at our new rental home because they are safe, no harsh chemicals, friendly, fast, efficient, and most of all affordable. What is most husband agrees too.

Posted By: Freedomfighterforever
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 23 Mar 2009 | Plano, TX

EXCEPTIONAL! Truly a wonderful carpet cleaning experience. I have been a home owner for 35 years and we have tried em all. Joseph Dollison was a true pro. Very professional. The best rates and the cleanest carpets. Thank you again Joseph, and the carpets are still clean looking after they dried, go figure! 

Posted By: PlanetD
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 03 Mar 2009 | Plano, TX

This is the best carpet cleaning company in the DFW metroplex. Don't waste your time or money with anyone else (especially the big companies promoting their "green"& "organic" cleaning. I have a small child and a pet so Nature's Touch is the way to go. Joseph is very knowledgable, on time and does not up sell once he gets to your house. My carpets are 13 years old and I thought I was going to have to replace them. Joseph made them look new again. There was no bleed thru stains as I've experienced with other companies. I also had my tile kitchen floors cleaned. OMG! My husband who never notices anything noticed the floors as soon as he walked in the door. It is worth every penny. I had forgotten what color my grout was originally. Joseph is the best and I would recommend him and Nature's Touch to anyone looking for a great job at a reasonable price. If you've searched this far, you've found the right place for carpet cleaning!

Posted By: Christi
Plano, Texas

Tile Cleaning Review 20 Feb 2009 | Plano, TX

Joseph was extremely professional and courteous. He restored the look of our tile and grout. Very meticulous!

Posted By: Chris Nail
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 20 Jan 2009 | Allen, TX

HAPPY CUSTOMER. Joseph was extremely thorough when cleaning our carpet. It was as if it were his own. We are pleased with his service. Along with being professional, he is knowledgeable about the products... not to mention that they are environmentally safe. The carpet looks as good as new. I would definitely recommend NTS!

Posted By: Kristi
Allen, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 10 Jan 2009 | McKinney, TX

Nature's Touch came to our home today and all I can say is wonderful. Joseph is very friendly and full of information. The products he uses are organic and worked great on my carpet. I will be using Nature's Touch in the future and letting my friends know this is the company to call. Christine in McKinney.

Posted By: Christine
McKinney, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 16 Dec 2008 | Frisco, TX

Joseph is just wonderful!! I was so pleased with the service I received I decided to send out a school wide e-mail to inform my fellow teachers about his work. Thanks again, Nancy.

Posted By: Nancy
Frisco, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning Review 09 Dec 2008 | Frisco, TX

Natures Touch Carpet Cleaning is professional, on time, have the very best organic products, super friendly, honest and did a superb job on the carpet. I highly recommend them. Their prices are competitive. I love this company. Thank you

Posted By: Wireless in Frisco
Frisco, Texas

Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 08 Dec 2008 | Plano, TX

Joseph, I don't have a Google Account, but I would recommend you to anyone!! You are professional, kind, personable, knowledgeable, and more than reasonably priced. I was so happy with our results! Thanks again, especially for coming out on a Sunday. You are the best.

Posted By: Nancy
Plano, Texas

Ozone Treatment Review 28 Nov 2008 | Allen, TX

Thank you for doing a great job and making the experience stress free. I will be using you again in the future.

Posted By: Kim
Allen, Texas

Tile Cleaning Review 26 Nov 2008 | Frisco, TX

Great experience with Nature's Touch. Professional, friendly, prompt service. Excellent cleaning done on the floors and tile. Very competitive rates, far better than many other companies I've used in the past! I would definitely recommend to friends/family.

Posted By: Erinn
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 23 Nov 2008 | Plano, TX

GREAT SERVICE AND VALUE. We had our carpets cleaned last week and could not be happier with the results. They looked brand new! There were some pet stains that simply disappeared and the whole house smelled fresh and clean. I will recommend Nature's Touch to all of my friends and plan on having additional cleaning done at my home very soon in other parts of the house. The service and value are excellent!‎ 

Posted By: Joni and Kurt
Plano, Texas

Air Duct Cleaning Review 14 Oct 2008 | Frisco, TX

This company is one of the most honest companies I have ever dealt with. They take time to answer any questions you may have and believe that a satisfied customer is the best way to advertising. If you want it done right call NTS.

Posted By: Your Progressive Networth
Frisco, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 10 Oct 2008 | Flower Mound, TX

Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
“Joseph with Nature's Touch Carpet Cleaning performed his services for our household today. I am delighted in the superb work Joseph completed here. We have had our carpets clean numerous times before, but never with such a high quality of results. We have almost 20 year old carpet and are pretty much resigned to accepting the fact that it will need to be soon replaced because it was in pretty bad shape. Well that all changed after some TLC from Nature's Touch came for a visit. We were shocked to find our carpet looking better than when we first moved into our house 8 years ago. Thank you Joseph for going above and beyond at our house, and helping to restore our home. We will definitely call you again next time!”

Posted By: Jason
Flower Mound, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 20 Sep 2008 | Plano, TX

Great Company
I was very pleased with my entire experience with this company. They did a great job and I would use them again in the future. There was not that bad chemical smell during or after they left since they really do use all natural products. And my carpet did get clean.

Posted By: Natalie
Plano, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Review 06 Sep 2008 | Plano, TX

I was refered to this company from a friend because she was very pleased with the service. I have been a "victim" of other carpet cleaning companies in the past, but this time was different. Thanks again if you read this. Zack

Posted By: Zack
Plano, Texas

Dryer Vent Cleaning Review 11 OCT 2016 | Frisco, TX

Thanks for getting the birds out of our dryer vent....again, haha

Posted by: Happy Tails

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