Monday 19 Feb 2018

Air Duct Cleaning - 100% System Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

As home owners, we spend most of our lives in our homes, which constitutes the importance of cleaning our air duct systems and ensuring that the air we  breathe is acceptable and free of allergens and any other contaminates. 

This process is applied by using our negative air duct cleaning equipment to ensure that all of the system is cleaned.  This equipment pulls 7,000 cfm of air through your system.  With our agitation devises we capture all of the dirt particles into our contamination chamber – leaving your air ducts prepared for proper ventilation.

If you want “piece of mind”…call a $60 whole house special company. If you want your air ducts cleaned…call NTS!


We provide a flat rate air duct cleaning pricing. We provide a flat rate service so you know the price quoted on the phone is the price while we are in your home. Each system is $400 with the exception of a coupon. If you have one system the price is $300, each additional system is $400.

The Up-Front Cost

$400.00 per system which includes: All supply and return lines, both supply and return plenums, and the blower. 

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Our smallest air duct job takes four hours. Get your air ducts cleaned right with NTS. Professional Air Duct Cleaning Company.