Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

Carpet Stretch & Repair

Residential Carpet Stretching & Carpet Repairs

Wrinkled Carpet?  If you have this dilemma with your carpet – here is some facts to think about!  Carpet winkles cause a weakness within the carpet backing which leads to tears – causing the carpet to wear out faster and collect more dirt which causes permanent lines in the carpet.

NTS technician’s will evaluate the carpets needs to determine if a simple kick stretch or power stretch in warranted.  Either way - your carpet will be tight and wrinkle free. 

We also provide carpet repairs for many different reasons.  Examples can be –permanent stains, dog tears, carpet that has been pulled away from door jams and more.  Contact us with your carpet challenge.

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Professional Carpet Stretch and Repair | Serving Frisco, Plano, Allen, McKinney, Prosper, and Surrounding, Texas.
We provide carpet stretching and carpet repairs. Remove wrinkles from your carpet in Frisco, Plano, Allen, and McKinney, Texas.