Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
Air Duct Cleaning Frisco, Texas
Air Duct Cleaning
100% system cleaning. We remove all vents and registers, clean all lines, plenums, blowers, and unit. Our negative air duct cleaning equipment ensures the entire home's system is free of dirt and allergens.
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Carpet Cleaning Frisco, Texas
Carpet Cleaning
Powerful truck mounted equipment sanitizes and removes embedded dirt. Use our Rotovac Power Wand for a clean you won't believe. Got pet urine issues? Ask us how we completely remove urine odors.
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Cigarette Odor Removal Frisco, Tx
Cigarette Odor Removal
Trying to sell your home but it has a cigarette odor. Allow us to ozone the home to completely remove any odors. Ozone also kills mold, viruses, and bacteria as well. Ask about rentals to remove odors from vehicles at a low cost.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning Frisco, Tx
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Clean your dryer vent once a year for fire safety, faster drying times, and energy savings. We clean the entire line and diagnose problems in the process. NTS provides a low cost service with great results.
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Frisco, Tx
Commercial Air & Carpet Cleaning
Businesses have air duct, carpet, and tile as well. We clean both residential and commercial properties. Contact for estimates.
Tile and Grout Cleaning Frisco, Tx
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Look down!! If that grout is dirty don't spend days with a scrub brush. We have powerful equipment and the right chemicals to make the job quick and painless. 230 degree cleaning with high directed water pressure.
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Frisco, Texas Carpet Cleaning - Air Duct Cleaning

NTS was founded in Frisco Texas and is proud to serve our fellow residents and business owners.

We are known for our honesty and great customer service.  Our prices are also very reasonable to ensure home owners are able to keep their carpet, tile, furniture and more cleaner a couple times each year. We provide our customers high powered truck mounted steam cleaning equipment and IICRC Certified technicians. Call us today to find out what your home or place of business has been missing. Providing Air Duct Cleaning for Frisco Texas Residential Homes.

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  • Air Duct Cleaning in Frisco Texas
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing in Frisco Texas
  • Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning in Frisco Texas
  • Pet Urine Treatment in Frisco Texas
  • Carpet Repairs & Stretching in Frisco Texas
  • Ozone - Odor, Virus, and Bacterial Removal in Frisco Texas
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning in Frisco Texas

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Carpet Cleaning in Frisco. Powerful truck mounted steam cleaner with the Rotovac Power Wand. Air Duct Cleaning Frisco Texas.